Workshops ARES 2016

The following workshops will be held in conjunction with ARES 2016 (to be completed):

11th International Workshop on Frontiers in Availability, Reliability and Security (FARES 2016)

9th International Workshop on Digital Forensics (WSDF 2016)

5th International Workshop on Security of Mobile Applications (IWSMA 2016)

5th International Workshop on Cyber Crime (IWCC 2016) 

2nd International Workshop on Agile Secure Software Development (ASSD 2016)

Special Session on Privacy Aware Machine Learning for Health Data Science (PAML 2016) *new*

Workshop on Challenges in Information Security and Privacy Management (ISPM 2016) *new*

1st International Workshop on Malware Analysis (WMA 2016) *new*

3rd International Workshop on Security in Air Traffic Management and other Critical Infrastructures (SecATM 2016)

The 3rd International Workshop on Software Assurance (SAW 2016)

Workshops ARES EU Symposium 2016

Workshop on Security, Privacy, and Identity Management in the Cloud (SECPID 2016) *new*

Workshop on Future Access Control, Identity Management and Privacy Preserving Solutions in Internet Services (FASES 2016) *new*

Workshop on Secure and Efficient Outsourcing of Storage and Computation of Data in the Cloud (SECODIC 2016) *new*

1st International Workshop on “Social collaboration in trusted, user-driven software development (SOCOTUD 2016) *new*

Workshop on Multi User Interaction in Social Media: Secure information flow for disaster emergencies (MUININ 2016) *new*

Workshop on Strengthening Cooperation of European Network Centres of Excellence in Cybercrime (SENCEC 2016) *new*

Workshop on Measuring the Economic Impact of Cyber Crime and Devising Solutions (E-CRIME 2016) *new*

Workshop on Risk Assessment for Socio-Technical Systems (RESIST 2016) *new*